Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Friday, March 17, 2017


And in a wacky coincidence, I happened to pick my Rock Band guitar back up again last week just in time for a bunch of Rock Band update content. There are a bunch of avatars available, and the new patch update brings Archer to the game to "celebrate" the addition of Danger Zone. I kind of wish they'd included the Cherlene/Kenny Loggins duet version, too.

On a related note... anyone know where I can get a pair of replacement USB receivers for a couple of Logitech PS2/PS3 Guitar controllers?  {cry}

DLC Add-Ons

Ride 2
Free Bikes Pack 5 (PS4)

PlayStation Plus Pack (PS4) (+)


Rock Band 4 Avatar
Rock Band 4 - Ace Random Avatar
Rock Band 4 - Barnabus Mudflaps Avatar
Rock Band 4 - Bass Avatar
Rock Band 4 - Bogart Dave Avatar
Rock Band 4 - Drums Avatar
Rock Band 4 - Guitar Avatar
Rock Band 4 - Irene the Cat Lady Avatar
Rock Band 4 - McGranahan Avatar
Rock Band 4 - Microphone Avatar
Rock Band 4 - Nicole Avatar
Rock Band 4 - Odessa Avatar
Rock Band 4 - Ragnar the Insane Avatar
Rock Band 4 - Richie Guts Avatar
Rock Band 4 - Vaughn Avatar
SMITE Scylla Avatar
SMITE Skadi Avatar
SMITE Susano Avatar
Talisman Avatar

Thursday, March 9, 2017

March 2017 PS Plus Games

  March 2017

I'm a couple days late, but these aren't going anywhere for a few more weeks, anyway. Here are the "free" games for March. Enjoy!

Disc Jam
Tearaway Unfolded

Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late
Earth Defense Force 2025


>>>>> Store Link <<<<<


I know it's a little later than usual, but it's been a pretty rough week. But I won't bore you with the depressing details. On to the... free themes! (And avatars!)


SMITE Rama Avatar
SMITE Thor Avatar
Star Trek: Bridge Crew - Captain Role Avatar
Star Trek: Bridge Crew - Engineer Role Avatar
Star Trek: Bridge Crew - Helm Role Avatar
Star Trek: Bridge Crew - Logo Avatar
Star Trek: Bridge Crew - Ship Avatar
Star Trek: Bridge Crew - Tactical Role Avatar

PS4 Themes
NieR: Automata Flight Unit Type-B Theme
NieR: Automata Flight Unit Type-S Theme

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Not many things to add this week, but at least there's a free PS4 game. It's a Final Fantasy XV "prequel" of sorts. And we've got that always-welcome standby: system themes.


A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV

DLC Add-Ons

Digimon World: Next Order
Agumon & Gabumon Talking DigiEggs (PS4)
From the Malevolent Fist (PS4)


PS4 Themes
Atelier Firis: Custom Theme A

Vita Themes
Atelier Firis: Custom Theme A