Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Someone asked me about PS Plus games. You may have noticed I stopped posting about those. There are a few reasons I decided not to bother with those, but the main one is that this is a "freebies" blog, and the "free monthly games" are not free. You're paying for them. You just don't get to pick what it is you're paying for.

In any case, if you're paying for PS+, you should probably already know to add the new games to your library every month.  =P

DLC Add-Ons

Plus Free Starter Pack (PS4) (+)

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round
DOA5LR Costume Catalog LR47 (PS4)

God Wars Future Past
Kaguya's Equipment Set (PS4)

Kaguya's Equipment Set (Vita)

Rock Band 4
'Killing is just a means' - Permaband (PS4)
'Wrecking Machine' - Permaband (PS4)


Angel of Death Avatar
Mystery Woman Avatar

PS4 Apps
Tubi TV

Thursday, June 1, 2017


A whole bunch of avatars and not a lot else. June's PS+ games go live on Tuesday, so if your sub is active, be sure to claim the current ones if you haven't yet. In other news, my niece was born two days ago. Welcome to Earth, baby.


Toukiden 2 Free Alliances Version

DLC Add-Ons

Deemo: The Last Recital
Shattered Memories (Deemo 2.2) (Vita)
Shattered Memories (Deemo 2.3) (Vita)
Shattered Memories (Deemo 2.4) (Vita)

Final Fantasy XV
Outfit: Trendy Outfit (PS4)

Ride 2
Free Bikes Pack 9 (PS4)

Aurous Sunsword Weapon Style (PS4) (+)


The Tenth Line Avatar - Lawrence
The Tenth Line Avatar - Lux
The Tenth Line Avatar - Nix
The Tenth Line Avatar - Rik
The Tenth Line Avatar - Sonya
The Tenth Line Avatar - Syx
The Tenth Line Avatar - The Princess
The Tenth Line Avatar - Tox
The Tenth Line Avatar - Vax