Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Hey, check it out: some new free themes. I don't know what Indivisible is, but that theme looks really nice. The Resident Evil one... not so much. But everyone has their own tastes—check them both out and see if you like them.  =)
Also, as in the past, there are pinball add-ons that have "demo" in the name but that aren't categorized in the PS Store as demos. So I've listed them here. Feel free to ignore them.

DLC Add-Ons

The Festive Seasoning (PS4)

Star Wars: Battlefront
Rogue One: VR Mission (PS4)

Zen Pinball 2
Bethesda Pinball Demo (PS4)

Bethesda Pinball Demo (PS3)

Bethesda Pinball Demo (Vita)


Aero-Chili Christmas
Amplitude Blaster Ship Avatar Bundle

PS4 Themes
Indivisible 1st Anniversary Dynamic Theme
RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard Theme

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