Wednesday, December 14, 2016


I rarely share anything that isn't a normal freebie, but I tried the demo of that Indivisible game, and I definitely recommend checking it out. It's technically still in prototype, so they could potentially overhaul a lot before it's done, but it's pretty neat so far. The only thing I had a problem with was the steep difficulty ramp when I got to the statue boss.

This week there are a handful of avatars, a couple PS+ exclusive goodies, and probably the only thing I care to check out, myself: a new free theme. If only they'd bring back the PS3's custom wallpapers instead of selling them to us...

DLC Add-Ons

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round
DOA5LR Costume Catalog LR40 (PS4)

Farming Simulator 17
Massey Ferguson 8737 Black Duals (PS4) (+)

Zen Pinball 2
Paragon PlayStation Plus Bonus Skin (PS4) (+)

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII
RTK13: RTK Day Commemorative Contents (PS4)


I Expect You To Die - Agency Avatar
I Expect You To Die - Bear Avatar
I Expect You To Die - Lighter Avatar
I Expect You To Die - Sandwich Avatar
I Expect You To Die - Spy Avatar
I Expect You To Die - Zoraxis Avatar

PS4 Themes
The King of Fighters XIV: 'South American Fighters' Theme

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