Monday, December 5, 2016

PlayStation Live Stream Prizes

So you want the prizes (PS4 themes, sweepstakes entries) for this year's PlayStation Live stream, but you don't want to watch people gab on and on about Call of Duty and Knack... Rather than pointlessly run the stream on mute in the background (which didn't even work for me, btw), you can just tell the web page that you've completed the required viewing to unlock the prizes:

Note: I tried to make these steps as verbose as possible for someone who hasn't messed with a web page debugger before, but it could be possible I didn't explain simply enough for a novice. Feel free to post a comment if you need better guidance.

Note: If you've done web page debugging before, I'm probably a little more wordy than you need, but I'm sure you'll get it figured out. You can, of course, use another browser's debugger if you want. I just wrote instructions for Chrome since it's my main.

1. On a computer (not mobile device), use Google Chrome to log into your PSN account at

2. Wait for the page to load (video plays) and then click on the Quests tab (bottom of the page under the chat box section), and then press F12 to get to the debugger.

3. Click on the Elements tab at the top of the debugger.

4. Press Ctrl+F (to find/search) and type: quest-wrapper

5. Next to the search box (below the section with page code and above the "Console" section), press the down arrow button to get to the first instance of:
<div class="quest-wrapper

6. You should see 11 lines that say:
<div class="quest-wrapper" OR <div class="quest-wrapper failed"

7. Double-click on the first "quest-wrapper", and after the word wrapper add a space and the word completed (or replace failed with completed if it's there) like this:
<div class="quest-wrapper completed"
Press Enter.

8. In the web page (not the debugger), scroll down the quest box, and the first quest should now have a button you can click to claim your prize and get a theme code.

9. In the debugger, double-click the next line with "quest-wrapper" in it and make the same change, repeating steps 7&8 for each remaining prize. Note: you'll notice the first line now says claimed instead of completed.

Again, if this is unclear at all, you're welcome to post a comment below, and I can try to help you get through whatever step you're getting stuck on.

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